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Queen Victoria Market
Queen Vic Market
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Melbourne Markets

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Melbourne Markets

Markets are common in all cultures and they function pretty much the same wherever you find them.

Markets supply the food and other needs of society and are popular community gathering places.

The people of Melbourne and of Victoria, have long been blessed with a supply of fresh fruit and vegetables of outstanding variety and quality.

Generations of skillful market gardeners and fruit growers have used modest resources of soil and climate to grow bountiful crops and a system of distribution has evolved to bring the produce to the consumer in top condition.

Queen Victoria Market 1961

This section provides a history of Melbourne's Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Markets drawn largely from Colin Cole's 1980 book : "Melbourne Markets 1841 - 1979".

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Queen Vic Market

No market in Melbourne is ever likely to be as famous as the Queen Victoria Market, nor to have a place... Go to article.


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