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MAP - Metro Production
MAP - Regional Victoria
Regional Production 2005-6
Vegetable Production 2005-06
Vegetables Victoria
Victorian Production 2006-7
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Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria

Mail Box 111,
Melbourne Markets

542 Footscray Rd,
West Melbourne, VIC, 3003

Tel: 03 9687-4707
Fax: 03 9687-4723
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Vegetables Victoria

Fresh vegetables are essential for a healthy life style but few people appreciate our high quality produce until they travel overseas.... Go to article.

Victorian Production 2006-7

Crop Growers (number) Production (tonnes) % of Australian harvest Asian vegetables  ... Go to article.

Regional Production 2005-6

Proportion of vegetables grown in each region Victoria Melbourne Gippsland ... Go to article.

MAP - Metro Production

Intensive Agriculture close to Melbourne Local fresh vegetables don't have to travel... Go to article.


July 2015

"I have recently attended several Conferences and asked the question: Are they worth attending? The answer is definitely yes. After attending... Read more...

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