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Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria

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Melbourne Markets

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Promoting Your Business

Thankyou for your interest in promoting your business on VegetablesVictoria.com.au

Our website aims to service the interests of Victorian Vegetable Growers.

The site promotes the critical and often undervalued role of vegetable growers and their suppliers, in the daily struggle to reliably produce the healthy food we enjoy at our dinner tables.

Over the last 18 months we have expanded our searchable site content to over 1200 pages with relevant e-news stories and unique R&D content collected from various sources.

Vegetables Victoria

GOOGLE currently rank our website one of the most
popular "Vegetable Grower" sites in the world !

Our site attracts between 150 and 200+ unique visitors each day, from all parts of Australia and overseas.

This is a remarkable achievement in such a specialised market and reflects the depth of sector specific content our website provides.

Over the last 18 months, the website has proved an increasingly popular source of information on matters concerning the Victorian vegetable industry.

We have seen an 8 fold growth in the sites popularity since it was launched in July 2008.

During the Werribee Vegetable Expo in May 2009, our website attracted over 3500 unique visitors.

Benefits to your Business:

Visitors come to our website for a variety of reasons.

Consider the benefits of placing your business image in front of the many growers, opinion leaders, students and interested public, who are attracted to our website.

  1. Embed your brand in the minds of the target market attracted to our website.

  2. Great brand awareness in a very concentrated niche market that is hard to reach.

  3. Content....Content....Content.... Our website strives to add new content that is relevant to the success of all Victorian Vegetable growers.

  4. Associate your business with new material covering a range of topics that is regularly added to the site.

  5. Improve the ranking of your own website. By being associated with Vegetables Victoria, your business will be included in more search results, sharing in the exposure and attracting more traffic.

  6. Your LOGO will also be placed alongside stories to provide even more exposure for your products and services.

  7. Your page on the VGA website will be of great interest to businesses that do not want the expense of a full website but want a good presence on the internet.

THANK YOU for your interest, we hope you CONTACT US to discuss promoting your business alongside content that is both topical and specific to vegetable growing.

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